Musicopia Gives Second-Hand Musical Instruments a New Life with Students
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Press Release


Philadelphia, PA … Musicopia is a non-profit organization providing equitable access to music education and enrichment through in-school, afterschool, and community-based programs. To make playing an instrument more accessible, the non-profit also runs the Gift of Music Instrument Donation Program, which since 2002, has collected, repaired, and placed more than 6,500 donated musical instruments with students and schools who need them the most. 

Last school year, Musicopia placed 747 donated instruments with 89 schools and community organizations, and has already received numerous instruments this year. These instruments were gifted by individuals who recognized the potential of their no-longer-played instrument(s) to make a positive impact.

Here are a few stories behind recent instrument donations:

Lauren Maloney played the viola from 3rd grade until she graduated high school. When she realized she wouldn’t play viola at the collegiate level, she passed it on to her cousin. Lauren’s uncle brought it back to her when her cousin no longer played. “As I thought about the joy it has brought my cousin and I, I wanted a student to have the same opportunity,” she shared. “I know this viola will have many more lives spreading joy, pride, and a love for the performing arts in more students.”

Meg Sorber began playing trumpet in fourth grade and played it in numerous school concerts, the high school marching band, a tour across eight countries, and more. After high school, the trumpet sat in its sticker-covered case for over 30 years. Meg explained, “I wanted to give my trumpet to an organization that was going to gift it to an aspiring musician.”

John Vogel donated two violins that belonged to his grandmother, who now has a neurological disorder that keeps her from playing. The violins required a few repairs, so John also donated to Musicopia’s instrument repair fund. “We are hoping they are repairable to pass to the next generation,” he said. Musicopia will soon make them playable again, just as John and his family hoped.

Paul Petrella donated his first trumpet which he played throughout high school. “This instrument saw many solos on football fields and in a few parades, including one parade in Quebec where the mouthpiece froze to my lips,” he shared.

Kenneth Daly donated an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a cello. The electric guitar was bought as a present by his daughter's aunt, but only used once or twice. The cello was well-loved by his daughter, but she has only played violin and viola since moving to Boston.

Musicopia extends its deepest gratitude to these five donors and the many others who’ve contributed to the program over the years for helping to provide avenues for creative expression, personal growth, and a lifelong love of music for countless young people in our region.

To donate an instrument, donate to the instrument repair fund, volunteer to transport or repair donated instruments, or get more information, please visit

Meg Sorber playing her trumpet and the trumpet in its sticker-covered case

Paul Petrella's donated trumpet

Kenneth Daly's donated cello and guitars


About Musicopia 

Musicopia’s mission is to provide equitable access to music education and enrichment, encouraging self-confidence, global awareness, dedication and joy in Pre-K to 12th grade students and their communities. Since its founding in 1974, Musicopia has helped more than 370,000 children experience the benefits of first-hand exposure to the arts, and is a recognized leader in rebuilding and revitalizing school music programs. Musicopia reaches thousands of children each year in the Delaware Valley/Philadelphia area through in-school music education, an afterschool string orchestra program, an afterschool drumlines program, and its Gift of Music Instrument Donation Program. 

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