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Please see below the press release issued on behalf of our client Filtrona regarding its appointment of Lutfu Okman as its new Global Commercial Director.


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Press Release 

12th March 2024

Filtrona welcomes Lutfu Okman as new Global Commercial Director

Filtrona, the global market leader in the design, testing and manufacture of special filter solutions and tear tapes, has announced the appointment of Lutfu Okman as its new Global Commercial Director. Lutfu’s appointment is effective 1 March 2024.

Lutfu brings with him over 25 years of commercial leadership experience, including senior management roles with multinational companies in the textiles, chemical, and manufacturing industries, including 3M, BASF, Wacker Chemie, and Huntsman Corporation.

His extensive experience guiding commercial strategy, coupled with a deep understanding of today’s market needs, will enhance Filtrona's global perspective as the business continues to expand.

Lutfu takes over the baton from Hywel Thomas, who has announced his retirement after 10 years with the company. Hywel has been instrumental in the success of the commercial business over the last decade.

"We are really pleased to welcome Lutfu to the Filtrona family," said Robert Pye, CEO of Filtrona. "His proven track record of strategic commercial growth and wealth of experience make him an ideal fit for the role, and he is primed to drive our ambitious growth strategy. Lutfu plays a pivotal role in shaping Filtrona's commercial endeavours and fostering sustainable long-term growth.”

Lutfu said: "I am thrilled to join Filtrona at such an exciting time in its journey, particularly during the 100-year anniversary of the company’s first patented filter. I look forward to collaborating with the talented and passionate Filtrona team to drive our commercial strategy, deliver exceptional value to our customers, and contribute to the company's continued growth."

Robert also expressed his gratitude for Hywel’s dedication and contributions to Filtrona. "Hywel’s leadership, strategic vision, and sharp business acumen have been invaluable to Filtrona, helping to make us the successful and dynamic global business that we are today. We sincerely thank Hywel and wish him the very best in his well-earned retirement."

For more information about Filtrona and its innovative filter and pre-roll solutions, please visit www.Filtrona.com.



Notes to editors

About Filtrona

Filtrona is the only global independent market leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of special filter solutions, tear tapes and related scientific services. Headquartered in Singapore, Filtrona has 11 manufacturing facilities across Asia, Europe, and America, together with three innovation centres, an accredited laboratory and a Centre of Excellence focused on sustainability. The Company has over 2,000 employees serving customers across 120 countries.

Our vision is to support our partners to transform and grow; we succeed when they succeed. Our mission is to be a responsible, customer-focused innovation leader that creates excellence in sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our history

Our filter business has a rich heritage as an innovation leader. Following the development of the first patented filter in 1924 by Boris Aivaz, Moritz Bunzl began to manufacture filters commercially in the late 1920s. The first dedicated facility was established in Jarrow, UK in 1948. Bunzl grew internationally by establishing a presence in the US in the 1905s and expanding into Asia in the 1970s and 1980s. The name Filtrona was adopted in 1979 and was also adopted by the Group of manufacturing companies that were demerged from Bunzl in 2005. In 2013, the Company changed its name to Essentra plc to reflect its diversification into industrial components. In November 2022, the successful filters and tapes divisions were sold to new owner Centaury Management Limited. The business is now rebranded as Filtrona again, a compelling name with a rich legacy of innovation and supported by strong industry partnerships.

For more information, visit www.filtrona.com

For media enquiries, please contact:

Gerald Lim, Communications Manager at Filtrona

Tel: +65 9363 3793

Email: geraldlim@filtrona.com

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