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Discover the newest Playmobil Eco-Ranges available now!

The selection of sustainable bio-based toys has recently expanded with the introduction of two new launches.

In 2022, Playmobil introduced their first-ever line of toys made from recycled bio-based materials. The Wiltopia theme incorporated classic Playmobil play patterns and included exotic animals from around the world, as well as playsets based on adventures in the Amazon rainforest. This thrilling theme also provided educational content about the animals and their habitats, encouraging children to learn more about the incredible world around them.

Due to its success, the Wiltopia theme expanded with two additional toy launches. The first takes children on a journey to the wilds of Australia, featuring six new animals to collect, including adorable creatures like koalas and kangaroos.

Each Wiltopia set includes a knowledge card with fascinating animal facts. By scanning the QR code on the card, children can access the Wiltopia web app, which offers additional content like audio clips, puzzles, and an AR feature.

Exotic creatures in the New Playmobil Wiltopia range

How is Wiltopia made? Click to find out.

Introducing the NEW Organic Eco Farm Range

Children have a natural fascination with country life, from caring for animals to driving a tractor or helping with the harvest. The PLAYMOBIL Large Organic Farm offers a sustainable and eco-friendly version of this classic toy, filled with endless play ideas.

In addition to the original farm set, six new products have been added for summer. At harvest time, the rotating and swivelling loading crane makes it easy to transport straw bales to the roof. The cows graze and the pigs enjoy a mud bath while the spacious stables are cleaned. The farm is committed to an environmentally-friendly energy supply, with solar panels and an e-charging station.

The Large Tractor with Accessories is electric-powered, making it an eco-friendly choice. The Animal Enclosure is home to various animals, including sheep, goats, pot-bellied pigs, and free-roaming chickens with their young at the Hen House.

The Cat Family and Farmers Cargo Bike complete the play world. With sustainable materials and a love for the environment, the PLAYMOBIL Large Organic Farm offers children the chance to learn about and appreciate the joys of farm life.

Fun on the Organic Farm from Playmobil

Fun on the Farm

Durable quality – environmentally friendly design

The entire Wiltopia product range from PLAYMOBIL consists on average of over 80 percent sustainable materials. In 2023, two more product lines will be made sustainable: The new PLAYMOBIL organic farm and the horse world “Horses of Waterfall”, which will appear in autumn. PCR plastics, i.e. recycled plastics, as well as bio-based plastics, are used. This conserves untapped resources and, above all, the environment, by giving already used materials a new life. PLAYMOBIL and recycling expert Coolrec, a subsidiary of Renewi, show exactly how this works in a collaborative explainer video in the Wiltopia app. The video demonstrates in a child-friendly way how the Wiltopia items are made from recycled plastics that Coolrec recovers from discarded refrigerators.

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