Winner of the GWCT Gun Draw is presented with his prize - a Beretta SL3.
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Gun raffle raises nearly £50,000 for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

The winner of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s annual gun raffle has been presented with his prize – a Beretta SL3 worth £21,350 – at a ceremony in London.

The 2023 GWCT Gun Draw raised a total of £48,600 for the charity’s scientific research into conservation, helping to ensure a thriving UK countryside.

Jack Mann, who bought the lucky ticket was presented with his prize at the Beretta Gallery in St James’s Street on 9th November.

He said: “The GWCT is, I believe, the most important organisation in the shooting and field sports community - without it there would not be the data, facts and evidence that is so needed to defend the narrative of conservation first, sport second. All those who hold a shotgun license for game shooting should be members of the GWCT. 

I have supported the trust for many years and regularly enter the raffles. I never expect to win anything, but I know the money generated is vital for the Trust’s continued hard work - winning the Beretta SL3 was a very welcome surprise!”

‘Force for good in the countryside’

Handmade in Gardone Val Trompia in Italy by Beretta’s talented gunsmiths, the SL3 features a reliable boxlock system engineered to provide the best performance in the field and to withstand intensive use.

Teresa Dent CBE, Chief Executive of the GWCT, said: “We are the only wildlife charity that supports game management as a force for good in the countryside.

“We do that because our research has shown how much management for game species contributes to the conservation of and abundance of lots of other species in the countryside.

“As a charity we fundraise furiously all year and I am delighted with the level of support we get from the game management and shooting community.

“If anyone else bought a ticket in this raffle and didn’t win, please try again next year. The odds are fantastic, so much better than the national lottery.”

Karl Waktare, Managing Director of GMK, importer and supplier of the gun, said: “GMK and the Beretta Gallery are delighted to partner with the GWCT for this draw.

“In my opinion, they are a great organisation whose scientific based research is becoming increasingly important in the defence of game management.”

A total of 486 tickets were sold, with each ticket costing £100.

GWCT would like to thank GMK for supporting the raffle this year.


Note to editors:

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust  – providing research-led conservation for a thriving countryside. The GWCT is an independent wildlife conservation charity which has carried out scientific research into Britain’s game and wildlife since the 1930s. We advise farmers and landowners on improving wildlife habitats. We employ 22 post-doctoral scientists and 50 other research staff with expertise in areas such as birds, insects, mammals, farming, fish and statistics. We undertake our own research as well as projects funded by contract and grant-aid from Government and private bodies.

GMK – Established in 1971, GMK is the leading UK importer and distributor of shotguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories for sports shooting, as well as supplying firearms, ammunition and accessories to UK law enforcement and the Ministry of Defence.

Gun draw 2023 winner Jack Mann

The winner of the GWCT's 2023 gun draw was Jack Mann. c.GWCT

From the left: Winner Jack Mann, Teresa Dent, CEO of GWCT, Karl Waktare, Managing Director of GMK, and Tim King, Beretta Gallery Manager

From the left: Winner Jack Mann, Teresa Dent CBE, Chief Executive of the GWCT, Karl Waktare, Managing Director of GMK, and Tim King, Beretta Gallery Manager. c.GWCT

Winner Jack Mann with his wife Isabella.

Winner Jack Mann with his wife Isabella. c.GWCT

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