Based on the overwhelming popularity of last year’s inaugural “Homecoming” Celebration, th
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October 5, 2023

Contact: Mike Nowlin

Cell Phone: 989-450-0855

CMHA’s second-annual ‘Homecoming’ Celebration helps affordable housing residents, landlords address affordable housing questions

Free event from Oct. 16–Oct. 20 connects families and landlords with experts who can address payment and compliance issues, move-in processing concerns and recertifications

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Based on the overwhelming popularity of last year’s inaugural “Homecoming” Celebration, the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) announced today it is again host the second-annual event that serves federal Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) recipients from Monday, Oct. 16 through Friday, Oct. 20, at its partner’s office at 107 S. High St, 4th Floor.

The Homecoming Celebration offers a series of activities to help expedite the processing of CMHA payments to landlords, as well as expediting housing inspection requests and applications from CMHA residents to move to new units as part of its HCV program.

“The goal of our Homecoming initiative is to welcome our Housing Choice Voucher participants to gather with us to celebrate the continued commitment of CMHA to the community and people,” said CMHA Chief Program Officer Scott Ammarell.

“The number one priority for CMHA is the families and households we serve – we understand the housing market is tight for everyone, and we are committed to making a difference,” Ammarell said. “We acknowledge that the shortages of affordable housing, rising rents, and the increased cost of living have disproportionately impacted those on the low- and fixed-income spectrum. 

“By successfully working together, we can achieve CMHA’s Housing Choice Voucher program mission of empowering our clients to live in the housing they choose, in the neighborhood they choose, and – with our partners – providing them with the services they need,” Ammarell said.

More than 900 families have already scheduled appointments and there are more openings available from Oct. 16-20. Participants can walk-in and be seen or schedule appointments in advance by phone or email with staff, who can help resolve a wide range of challenges that landlords and residents may be experiencing, noted Justin Davis, CMHA’s Vice President of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Appointments can be scheduled online at or call 1-833-378-2220.

“We anticipate this will be a dynamic week connecting with families and landlords in CMHA’s affordable housing portfolio, assisting them with compliance questions or concerns, and helping current participants address any processing needs of annual or interim recertifications as well as move-in process issues,” Davis said.

For clients going to 107 S. High Street, validated parking is available for short-term parking at: SP + Parking Garage located at 107 S. Wall Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Inform the garage attendant you are visiting the CGI office; you will receive a ticket to be validated by CGI.

Clients are urged to attend scheduled appointments. If the scheduled appointment is not possible to attend, the client must reschedule the appointment for another day during the same Oct. 16–20 week by following the instructions in the appointment letter they received. NOTE: Clients are advised to act quickly as the number of available rescheduling appointments is limited.

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