Projetech founder explores how leadership and technology shape asset management industry
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Making the Most of Maintenance and Reliability Assets

Projetech founder explores how leadership and technology shape asset management industry

CINCINNATI, Ohio [Mar. 28, 2023] — The information embedded in your assets is valuable. Nobody understands the importance of embracing technology to support asset management better than Projetech Inc. founder Steve Richmond. In Working SMART: Success in Maintenance, Asset Management, & Reliability through Technology (Fast Company Press, Mar. 28, 2023), Richmond examines how to take your asset management to the next level by tapping into technology.

Many maintenance and reliability professionals view technology as daunting, frustrating, or merely additive. Richmond demonstrates, through personal experience and engaging case studies, how getting technology-leveraged asset management right results in improved reliability while saving your enterprise a significant amount of money.

Technology changes at a fast and furious pace. But the human component of technology and the best strategies to use technology to get the most out of a business’s assets are tried and true. For over three decades, Richmond has helped companies across a variety of industries put technology to work in their maintenance and reliability efforts. In Working SMART, Richmond draws upon his experience as the head of the most experienced provider of Maximo as a Service (MaaS) in the world and provides insights on how your organization, regardless of size or purpose, can leverage technology to make the most of what you have today and tomorrow.

“I hope Working SMART inspires you to follow one of the goals I’ve always set for myself,” Richmond says. “And that’s to never stop learning. I’m never finished. But I do try to start smart and continue strong, and I hope what I share helps you do the same.”

Learn more about Steve Richmond’s pioneering and innovative work in technology and asset management by checking out his recent interviews and articles with the Industrial Talk Podcast and MaintWorld Magazine. You can also find Steve’s original writing through the Forbes Technology Council.

Pick up your copy of Working SMART and stay updated on Steve Richmond’s endeavors by visiting, where he frequently participates in helpful webinars.

About Steve Richmond

Steve K. Richmond is the founder of Projetech Inc., the most experienced provider of Maximo as a Service (MaaS) in the world. He was educated at the University of Cincinnati and embarked on a career in the mechanical contracting business.

Steve has more than thirty years of expertise in the field. From being a small consultant-based organization that pioneered IBM MaaS in 1999, he propelled Projetech to its status today as a globally recognized MaaS provider. Projetech currently leads the category as an award-winning IBM Business Partner, among many other industry accolades.

Steve is an official member of the Forbes Technology Council, a published author, and an experienced speaker recognized in the industry. He is also an active member of the Galanthus Partners board, where he continues to push forward the concept of Maximo as a Service.

Steve currently spends his time with his family and dogs in his homes in Ohio and Florida.


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