Trumpet Donated to Musicopia Will Have Second Life with Students
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Press Release


Philadelphia, PA … Meg Sorber recently donated her cherished trumpet to music education non-profit Musicopia’s Gift of Music Program, which will soon place it directly with a student in need of a quality instrument or at a school lacking the budget to purchase instruments. “I wanted to give my trumpet to an organization that was going to gift it to an aspiring musician,” Meg explained, realizing she could give the trumpet the chance to be played again. Like many musical instruments donated to Musicopia, the trumpet has been on a unique journey, depicted by the stickers covering its case from the countries and towns where Meg played it.  

Meg began playing this trumpet in fourth grade under the instruction of Mr. Joe Mauro – her favorite teacher – who taught her throughout grade school in the Abington School District. She played it in numerous school concerts, the high school marching band, her American Music Abroad tour across eight countries, and events like the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, DC, the opening of the Willow Grove Mall, and the Glenside Memorial Day Parade. The latter was her all-time favorite memory playing music. “I grew up in Glenside and lived within a block of the parade route. I will never forget the feeling of seeing my family and friends there on the corner, where I had watched the parade for so many years, cheering me on,” Meg said. 

After graduating high school, Meg never picked up the trumpet again. Despite her continued interest, it sat in its case for over 30 years. Even with all its sentimental value, Meg knew she was ready to part with her trumpet. She discovered Musicopia and its Gift of Music Program, and easily donated it at a nearby instrument drop-off location.

Since 2002, the Gift of Music Program has collected and repaired more than 6,500 donated musical instruments. It has placed more than $1 million worth of new and repaired instruments with those students and schools who need them the most. Meg’s donation to Musicopia allows the instrument’s story to continue; it can now help students develop a passion for music and essential life skills like resilience and confidence. If you have an instrument that you would like to donate, would like to volunteer to transport or repair donated instruments, or would like more information, please visit 


About Musicopia  

Musicopia’s mission is to provide equitable access to music education and enrichment, encouraging self-confidence, global awareness, dedication and joy in Pre-K to 12th grade students and their communities. Since its founding in 1974, Musicopia has helped more than 370,000 children experience the benefits of first-hand exposure to the arts, and is a recognized leader in rebuilding and revitalizing school music programs. Musicopia reaches thousands of children each year in the Delaware Valley/Philadelphia area through in-school music education, an afterschool string orchestra program, an afterschool drumlines program, and its Gift of Music Instrument Donation Program.


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